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Today is Oct 18, 2019
Jeffrey Heng
Senior Associate District Director (Sincerus Division)
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R006699D
Call (+65) 9858 1322 - (+65) 9008 1737
Clients' Testimonials

To the management,

I Mrs Ravi would like to thank Mr Jeffrey Heng on behalf of my family in helping to sell my unit and get another one. Before consulting Mr Jeff, I had another housing agent from a different agency who made a mess and was only keen to just sell my unit and finish her job although she was a friend of mine. She told me I have to downgrade or move to a rental flat for a couple of months. But that was not my aim. Thats when I wanted a second opinion. I went to ERA homepage and approached Mr Jeffrey with my problem by calling him. He immediately made an appointment with me the very next day. I told him what happened. He assured me that he will not force me into anything. He will cater to my taste in selecting my unit.


And to be very honest,he was extremely patient with me in selling and buying a unit. He never send me to view any of units alone and was always there when buyers came to view my unit.Athough I was asked by my previous agent to view by myself and buyers will come and view my unit in her absence. I really felt comfortable with him. He readily cleared my doubts and showed he was and is professional.


Mr Jeffrey is a reliable and dedicated person who takes pride in his job. He takes his clients' requests seriously and works really hard in achieving what was put up to him. The way he handle my case showed how professional he was. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him. To my family and myself, right now Mr Jeffrey Heng has become our good friend.


Thanks once again to Mr Jeffrey Heng!


Yours sincerely

Mrs Ravi

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing with reference to the excellent and professional service extended to me by Mr Jeffrey Heng during my purchase of my HDB flat.

Even though Mr Heng was the agent representing the seller and I was the buyer, he was extremely helpful in advising me on the necessary protocols of the HDB procedures and to orientate me on the required actions needed on my end.

At the same time, his positive attitude and patience in getting both parties to come to a consensus on the transaction and follow up in terms of the administrative and logistical matters were also to be highly commended.

Overall, the transaction had taken 4 months from the time of flat viewing to key collection and was itself a very smooth and relatively painless transaction for a first time buyer as myself.

I will be pleased to recommend his professional services to my other friends and family or to even contact him myself for similar needs in the future.

Ms Loo Hwee San.

I am writing in to commend on the wonderful service that our agent, Jeffrey Heng, has provided with regards to the selling of my flat in Bedok.

It is generally hard to pick a good agent from the thousands out there but I think I did it pretty well. Jeff has been great in helping me sell my property for the right price. My flat was pretty hard to sell as new rulings kicked in and people stayed away. Jeff was patient and encouraging and it was him that actually encouraged to keep waiting as he was confident he will get it sold and he did. And not forgetting to mention that the buyer was an old couple who did not have an agent serving them and in the end, Jeff had to guide them throughout the whole process and we laughed when we came to know that Jeff had to bring his laptop and the whole printer/scanner up to the buyer’s house to help them with their documents.

Apart from the fact that the house was sold at a good price when times were not that good, he is personally a wonderful person and is more a friend than our agent. There were so many times that we found ourselves happily chatting either before or after the showings. He was a very real person who opens himself to share with us even things that is happening to his own family and that really made us very comfortable with him as never once we feel that he is just another agent. For example he also shared with us on how his daughter has benefitted from attending this Shichida course and he was really so happy that he sent her there and he also strongly encouraged us to send our daughter there too. And yes, now our daughter is attending this Shichida course that he has recommended and we were so glad that we took his recommendation. There was also a time when I was hospitalised and when he knew about it, he immediately came down to visit me. When we were nearing the completion date, he even helped me with some of the house moving after the final inspection and he even volunteered to carry the heavy stuffs as he was afraid that I will hurt myself as I just left the hospital not long ago. I am really very impressed with this man. Every time he comes to the house, it really feels like a friend visiting more than an agent coming to show the house. 

I guess it is pretty standard to say that he was very professional in his dealings and his knowledge of the industry and practice is second to none, but I also wish to add that his care and concern for his clients and also his willingness to put interests in his clients’ lives is also second to none. Overall we were very comfortable and pleased to have him serve our needs. 

I am very sure that ERA and the industry have a gem in your hands, so please ensure that his services are retained. I will be engaging his services pretty soon again for sure.

Thank you once again Jeff.

Siva and Family

To whom it may concern:

My family and I would like to nominate Jeffrey Heng for this Best Client Service Award and also take this opportunity to thank Jeffrey for his professional efforts in helping us to sell our HDB flat in Punggol. He has incredibly deep and detailed knowledge for the current real estate market and we can really feel his passion in trying to understand our every needs.

Actually I came to know Jeffrey in November 2012. I contacted him as I wanted to sell my flat way back in November 2012 and we met up for a chat. I shared with him on my personal family problems which involved my sister who was about  to get married and staying in house and she was making things very difficult for the family and also for the sale of the house. Before talking to Jeffrey, I also spoke to another very prominent agent in Punggol but all that she did, was to ask me to settle the matter quick so that she can sell the house. But Jeffrey was really there just listening and advising me about my family matters and he didn’t even think about the house selling at all. He was there consoling and advising me on what he thinks that needs to be done so that everyone in the house would be happy. He even advised me to postpone the selling of the house so that my sister could be married off in the house and that would make things much better for everyone but that would mean that he will need to wait one year before he could sell my house! I am really surprised that an agent would really do that! In the whole process, I could really feel that he has put my family’s interest before his own deal and commission, 

Finally when the time came when I could really sell the house and that was really one year later, without a doubt, I immediately called Jeffrey and he proceeded to help me with the whole house selling process. During the house selling, most of the time he would come earlier to chat with the whole family which included my father and mother as well. As it was the end of the year season, Jeffrey even bought Christmas present for my daughter. I really felt that he has behaved much more than an agent and he is more like a family friend. Although the market wasn’t very good, I was delighted with his speed and efficiency in the whole process of selling our place. Nearing the end of the transaction, I wanted to rent a temporary accommodation before my BTO flat came and I promised Jeffrey right from the start that I will use his services to help me rent. After some discussion with my wife, we were thinking that if we could rent the house ourselves, we would be able to save some commission fees and so I spoke to Jeffrey. Instead of being angry or unhappy, he actually told us it is better as we could use the commission to increase the budget for the rental. I was really surprised that this man was so broad hearted. Even when he did not represent me in the renting and never earned a single cent from me, he still gave me advice on the rental and teaching me what to do such as ownership checks and such. My wife and I are truly thankful for such a wonderful agent. We have never thought that an agent could be so nice and caring to their clients, Jeffrey really changed the way we looked at property agents. 

We really hope that Jeffrey can be a role model for many in the property industry and there will be more happy sellers and buyers around. May good luck and good health always stay with you and your family.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Robin Lee & Family

To Whom it may concern:

My husband, David and I would like to extend a big thank you to our agent – Jeffrey Heng, and we want to nominate him for this Best Client Service Award.


Last November, We approached him for help in selling our old flat and finding a bigger one for us. Being  1st timer sellers/buyers, we were uncertain about certain procedures. However, Jeffrey was very patient with us and our queries. As our dad is also one of the house owners and he was already getting on in age and has difficulties hearing, once again Jeffrey has demonstrated extreme patience while he was explaining things to our dad. 


After the sale of our old house, Jeffrey went on to find a place for us to purchase. Even though we looked at many units, there was none that could catch our eye. However, Jeffrey didn’t give up searching and eventually found a unit for us. Even though it wasn’t a 1st choice unit for us, Jeffrey told us this “I am sure you will love this place, even though it’s a low floor. Just go view and take a look, you may just like it.”


Guess what? We ended up buying the unit because we simply loved the place!


When Jeffrey tells us that he will observe his clients while he is serving them, he really means it. He was able to grasp our likes and dislikes and he was able to capitalise on that to bring us to see the unit that we will like. Even though this was not a mid/high floor unit that we told him we wanted, he was able to work around and think out of the box for us after knowing our needs. This indeed helps to save much time for buyers like us. It was pretty scary to hear of my friends viewing more than 30 units before they find a house that they like. After that we also realised that Jeffrey had actually went to view the unit before us so as to ensure that we would really like the place before bringing us there. I really have to say this guy really goes out of his comfort zone to do things that helps his clients. He is definitely a notch higher as compared to many others.


Seriously, the whole process was nothing short of being happy. All the parties involved in the transaction had very good relationships with each other and every meet up was filled with much laughter. I have heard from many of my friends that sometimes house transactions can be very nasty at the end but I have to say that Jeffrey has really kept the transaction in such a way that everyone is happy. The sellers and ourselves are also good friends now and we will be inviting the sellers, the seller’s agent and of course Jeffrey and his family to our house warming party once our house renovations are done. During our inspection of the flat just before the completion, Jeffrey even volunteered to send the seller’s agent home after knowing that the seller’s agent was actually sick. I always thought that real estate agents are always competing against each other but strangely I have never seen all these happening with Jeffrey. Oh and just to add, Jeffrey’s professionalism in the business has inspired us so much that my husband have also decided to join the real estate business! My husband have just completed his RES course and he will be joining Jeffrey once he passes his exams.


To conclude, I just have to say that it was a wonderful start to the whole transaction and a wonderful end to us seeing our home finishing the renovations soon. Really want to say thanks to Jeffrey once again for helping us to find not a house but a home. All these have etched a very nice memory in our minds and will definitely stay for a life time.


If there is a name to be tagged to the Best Client Service Award, I really cannot think of a better name other than Jeffrey Heng.


Mr David Ho & Ms Grace Tng

Dear all,

Mr Jeffrey Heng has been a wonderful real estate agent serving us and hence we would like to furnish a testimonial on his good service.

My husband & I met Jeffrey by a stroke of luck when we were viewing a property that he was marketing. Although that property did not suit our needs, we stuck a friendly conversation about the property market and found that he echoed many of our sentiments. Shortly after, we made a decision to sell our condo. Despite having many friends who are property agents, we decided to try using Jeffrey. That was the best decision we've made! Within a short timeframe of signing an exclusive with him, he sold our property at the price we wanted.

Apart from his amazing ability to best represent his clients, he goes beyond his duty to help us. We had a difficult tenant who damaged our property and refused to pay rent. He volunteered to help us mediate; whilst my original tenancy agent did nothing to help. My husband had a busy work schedule; and Jeffrey was very accommodating to come over at late hours to meet us. He responds to all our calls promptly and politely. Despite his wealth of experience, he was always humble and courteous. I totally respect him for his professionalism.

My husband & I have transacted various properties for more than 10 years and we've met our fair share of property agents over the past decade. Jeffrey's service beats the rest by miles. I will not hesitate to use Jeffrey again for any future transactions and will highly recommend him to all my friends.

Mrs Nicole Lock

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are writing to express our utmost pleasure with real estate agent Mr. Jeffrey Heng Chee Meng, who represented us in our recent selling of our HDB unit.

We were searching intensively for a HDB Terrace house in Whampoa estate and that is when we first met Mr. Jeffrey. He was very professional and walked us through the viewing of the unit. He was also very patient and sincere in responding to all our queries and explained everything clearly.

After speaking to many agents along the way, it was a very easy decision to select Mr. Jeffrey to represent us in selling our HDB unit at Ang Mo Kio.

Mr. Jeffrey guided us through the entire process, from loan application to the selling of our house. He gave us a detail insight of our estate, and which strategy to apply to get the best price for our unit. We credit him for the smooth and stress-free selling of our unit.

To reiterate, we are nothing but very pleased with Mr. Jeffrey with his expertise and without a doubt we would recommend him to everyone.He demonstrates great skills and qualities to be a role model to new and existing real estate agents.

We will take this opportunity to express our heartfelt experience with Jeffrey; his rapport and commitment was Top Notch!

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Melvin Esperano B. & Mrs. Vasanhti

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Few months ago, I decided to upgrade my parents flat. I was browsing through a property website and raised some questions. There were numerous responses but Jeffrey’s reply caught my attention. The answers were professional yet sincere. Being the first time owning a property, I’m excited and looking for someone who are willing to share as much as possible.   

My friends introduced few agents and I also arranged a few “Q&A” sessions with some agents found online. Well presented and prepared, Jeffrey really stands out with his professional yet assuring advices. He gave very honest feedbacks and tips which I find it very valuable especially when my family weren’t sure to engage one yet. My family and I were really impressed so we decided to give it a try. 

Throughout the whole process, Elaine and Jeffrey placed our interests in top priorities and gave constant updates. They will go all the way out to help us when we raised any doubts and queries. Their prompt reply is also very much appreciated. We have yet to found a ideal house but Jeffrey and Elaine are not rushing to close our deal. They advised us not to rush into buying a place although we are pressing for times. I’m not the least worried since I have someone whom I trust now. 

My friends are looking to upgrade their flats too. I immediately recommend Jeffrey and Elaine. But Jeff explained they are unable due to conflict of interest since we are both looking around in the same areas. This is the kind of excellent services he will provide to his client. I find it a pity that my friend can’t engage such a brilliant agent.  I’m really glad I found two trustworthy agents, friends now.

Thank You and Warmest Regards,

Carmen Xu and Mdm Peck

Dear Sir / Mdm,

I am writing to congratulate Jeffrey and Elaine for providing outstanding customer service to my family and I.

The entire experience we had with Jeffrey and Elaine was awesome! From explaining the market situation, to arranging the viewing sessions, managing the interested parties to the actual documentations, they took each and every tiniest detail seriously and with much esteem. Their professionalism and zeal has made us felt so at ease leaving the job to them, because we were confident that they would act to the best of our interest - and indeed, they did.

Well done, Jeffrey and Elaine! We would definitely keep in touch with the both of you as we refer all our friends and family to you. Once again, thank you for the awesome work!

Best regards,

Emily Sim
HDB Landlord

Dear Sir/Madam,

My wife and I would like to extend our thanks to Jeffrey and Elaine, for their efforts in securing a purchase of our new condo unit in Park Green, for a price that was acceptable to us.They are also the agents for the sale of our HDB unit as well as my parent's.

Both Jeffrey and Elaine kept us informed and up to date on the progress of our purchase and sale of the properties. Their jovial and easy going personality also made us comfortable. When I first inquired on the unit at Park Green, Jeffrey was very prompt in replying. And there was a point whereby the sale of my parents flat would not be completed due to my mother's illness. Their positive attitude and good advice made it all possible. Jeffrey also visited my mother while she was in the hospital, even when it was already late at night.

We would recommend both Jeffrey and Elaine, for any property transactions and will definitely have him or her as our agent in the near future.

Thumbs up to both Jeffrey and Elaine!

Thank you and best regards.

Sahiril / Yana Jabar

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