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Associate Executive Director of OrangeTee & Tie

Training Director of NAVIS LIVING GROUP

I've been in the real estate industry for over 10 years, leading countless to success. I have become known as a patient and sincere mentor and coach. In our Sincerus family, I am also known for my integrity - I would rather lose a deal than to bend my integrity to close a sale, and I would rather lose a recruit than to compete with my own teammates for the same recruit.


I spent 14 years in the Navy before leaving my comfort zone and switching over to the real estate industry after the birth of my daughter. Since then, I've embarked on real estate as my career, hoping to make a difference in the lives of my clients as they commit to buying, probably the most expensive item in their lives.


Being in the real estate industry, I've found my passion and that is, coaching and training potential seedlings. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction whenever I help my mentees through every cornerstone moments in their lives. 

As the Training Director in NAVIS, I've trained and mentored countless agents who were unclear of their direction in this industry. I've also developed a clear sales system and framework for agents to excel in their career.

While I was focusing on property sales, I've achieved numerous awards like the Top Achiever, Manager, Recruiter, Lister, and eventually Director annually.

Today, I lead an awesome bunch of close to 70 agents and growing together as ONE family.


Come unleash your fullest potential and achieve new heights with me.


A successful mentor is one that sincerely allocates his/her time and effort to identify and solve your issues.

Most agents reach a standstill in their sales at some point in time in their career as they lack guidance from their mentors and hence losing their drive and direction to carry on in this industry. 

What they are missing is actually a successful sales framework that will assist and guide them through difficult situations. After over 10 years in this industry, I have attained and consolidated valuable knowledge and experience into a mighty sales framework.


Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. For me, I've been through the raging sea.

With more than 10 years of mentoring and coaching, I've produced numerous Top Producers and Leaders that have earned 5 to 6 figures commission monthly.

And the best thing? We are still ONE BIG FAMILY.


Mentorship is like a ray of light that walks you out of darkness.

As a mentor, I will always put myself in my mentees’ shoes and think from their perspective before advising them.  I never hold back my anything and I teach everything that I know to anyone who is sincere in learning. A one-to-one personalized coaching session with me prepares my agents with the necessary knowledge and tools they need before they meet their client.


The Only Constant In Life Is Change. The NAVIS Experience Is Nurturing & Always Evolving.


In NAVIS, we are a family. We believe in being sincere towards one another, and in appreciating the strengths of each member of the family. Here, you will find the industry's finest and most brilliant people.


Our Proprietary mobile app, Link Up, will save hours off your daily business activities and multiply your business productivity. Soar in your career with automation of routine tasks.


As the founder of Sincerus, I allocate most of my time to the team. Labelled as a walking encyclopedia, you can entrust me to come out with various solutions for your problems.

Trust me, you will never walk alone.

Other than one to one mentorship, Jeffrey have also trained many realtors in a large scale settings and many have benefited from his selfless sharing. You can too!




Senior Associate Group Director | OrangeTee & Tie

I got to know him in late 2010, through a friend. Then I was very new to the industry and was caught in dilemma how should I handle a HDB resale.


Instead of seeking advise from my immediate manager on the case I was dealing, I ended up seeking it from Jeffrey who was from a different real estate company. Subsequently, I decided to join him. I like the style how Jeffrey manage his business and care for his associate.


He is always willing to share his knowledge and guide others without expecting a monetary gain. Seeking for monetary gain from fellow associate is very common in our industry. I would also say that he is very patience towards others.

With the style how Jeffrey works and care for the Team, he will go a long way in the industry by attracting like-minded salesperson.


Senior Associate Director | OrangeTee & Tie

He is simply but surely someone I can count on whenever I need any help or guidance.


If we talk about tiers, I am his 3rd tier. I was a bit apprehensive before I joined him. I just wasn’t sure if he would entertain me like he said he would during our initial meet up.


Counting up to date, I've followed Jeffrey for coming to 2 years now. What he assured me, he kept up and in fact he did so much more to the effect that sometimes I think I took up too much of his time.


I thank him for his patience and I thank him for being genuinely interested in my career growth.


Senior Associate Group Director | OrangeTee & Tie

I knew Jeffrey in 2012 when he invited me for a discussion for recruitment after my RES exam. At that time I was still doing property on a part time basis and is very new to the industry. Have spoken to a few managers but Jeffrey stands out to be very sincere, have great knowledge of the industry and portraits to have very honest business ethics which I am looking for in a leader.


So I decided to join him since and have no regrets of my decision till now. I still remember during my very first HDB deal (even before I could get my license), Jeffrey was with me all the way through the process. I was so grateful that he helped guide me throughout the whole transaction and even came down for the viewings and assist with the negotiations also.


I feel very blessed to be part of Jeffrey's team. He is not just a great leader, mentor and also a dear brother to me now.


Thanks for leading the Sincerus family.


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