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He is simply but surely someone I can count on whenever I need any help or guidance. If we talked about tiers, I'm his 3rd tier. I was a bit apprehensive before I joined him. I just wasn’t sure if he would entertain me like he said he would during our initial meet up.


Counting up to date, I've followed Jeffrey for coming to 2 years now. What he assured me, he kept up and in fact he did so much more to the effect that sometimes I think I took up too much of his time.


I thank him for his patience and I thank him for being genuinely interested in my career growth.

Veron Ng | Senior Associate Director

I got to know him in late 2010, through a friend. Then I was very new to the industry and was caught in dilemma how should I handle a HDB resale.


Instead of seeking advise from my immediate manager on the case I was dealing, I ended up seeking it from Jeffrey who was from a different real estate company. Subsequently, I decided to join him. I like the style how Jeffrey manage his business and care for his associate. He is always willing to share his knowledge and guide others without expecting a monetary gain. Seeking for monetary gain from fellow associate is very common in our industry.


I would also say that he is very patience towards others. For example, if you happened to catch him over the phone when he is about to have his meal, he will not turn you away, of course unless he is with a client. He will let his meal turns really cold and guide that person until he/she understand how to manage that particular issue on hand. This is how important he placed us in his heart.


With the style how Jeffrey works and care for the Team, he will goes a long way in the industry by attracting likeminded salesperson.

Jaslin Poh | Senior Associate Group Director

I knew Jeffrey in 2012 when he invited me for a discussion for recruitment after my RES exam. At that time I was still doing property on a part time basis and is very new to the industry. Have spoken to a few managers but Jeffrey stands out to be very sincere, have great knowledge of the industry and portraits to have very honest business ethics which I am looking for in a leader. So I decided to join him since and have no regrets of my decision till now.


I still remember during my very first HDB deal (even before I could get my license), Jeffrey was with me all the way through the process. I was so grateful that he helped guide me throughout the whole transaction and even came down for the viewings and assist with the negotiations also. I think as a newbie it is always very important to have a manager who is there all the time to guide and assist you when in doubt.


Throughout these 6 years of joining him, be it from being a part time agent to a full time agent, he has never fail to share lots of knowledge and experiences with the team. Spending time with individual members one by one to encourage, guide and motivate everyone to excel in this industry.


I feel very blessed to be part of his team. He is not just a great leader, mentor and also a dear brother to me now.


Thanks for leading the Sincerus family.


Fonn Tan | Senior Associate Group Director

Since I join the industry in 2009, I've hoped to get a good mentor and team that can work and help each other together. Having joined 4 different agencies, I did not find what I wanted.


2 years back, I brought my buyer to view a unit at Tampines and co-broke with Jeffery and his wife Elaine. As I've had some issues, I asked Jeffery for help and he was very sincere and helpful. He recruited me to join his team shortly after. I've joined him since January last year, and I feel that he and his wife really 用诚意的对人.


Till today, I am thankful to find such a good mentor like him. 你是我的唯一!


Steven Ho | Associate Group Director

Being in the industry for couple of years, I was moving around changing my bosses. During my tenure with my ex-bosses, most of the time when you needed guidance, they will not be around. With the lack of interaction and communication in my previous team. I found myself lacking the confidence to approach deals that I have no knowledge about.


One particular case was I met with some problems in my HDB cases, I found myself scrolling down my contact list asking for help. Out of desperation at a late timing I tried texting my co-broke which is Jeff. He patiently explained to me and followed up and ensure the deal was done properly. Even though back then he has no obligation to help me, You can tell a lot about his character and how he treats his peeps regardless their relationship.


From a fellow co-broke, to my current manager. Jeff has never failed to show support whenever help is needed. I trust his guidance and leadership. Jeff is great boss and will probably be my last boss as well.


Tiffany Tan | Associate Deputy Group Director

As a great leader to the team, Jeffrey has been organizing a lot of great training sessions for the team so that we could scale our business to greater height.


As a great mentor to me, Jeffrey has been encouraging me to stretch my limit and potential. There were a few times we even chat about personal stuff and business related topics till past 1am!

Wong Junjie | Associate Deputy Group Director

I was introduced to the real estate industry by my sister. Back then, I was very hesitant to join the real estate industry, As I have neither experience nor knowledge in the industry, I was not sure if I can do well in this space.


However, Jeffrey has made the transition rather smooth for me. His wealth of real estate knowledge has made me a much better real estate agent. Jeffrey’s desire to commit to safeguarding his clients' and also the team mates’ interests has impressed me tremendously. He has even made this as a division culture.


If you are looking for a team leader or a mentor, you can be rest assured that Jeffrey will be there to provide the dedicated support and assurance you will need.

Tan Hong Jie | Associate Director